What Are High Retention Views and Why Are They More Valuable?

High retention views are the best type of views to get when purchasing YouTube views. Why are they the best type of views to get you might be asking? The answer is quite simple. They’re the best type of views to purchase because people are required to actually watch the videos. Most other companies offer views that are cheap, that do not require viewers to watch the video, and worst of all put their YouTube accounts at risk of being banned. On YTHub high retention views are the only type of views that we offer for our customers.

We only offer high retention views because we know that your account security is important. We also know that many people rely on YouTube for an income or side revenue stream. Other companies truly disregard the importance of the buyer’s videos by putting them at risk like this by offering cheap botted fake views. We know how important your videos are and don’t want to make you the laughing stock of all your friends by putting your video or account at the risk of being banned.

Additionally these high retention views lead to more benefits that botted fake views do not. They are able to lead to much more conversation between users in the comments section as well as real feedback with likes and dislikes. Without high retention views your numbers would simply be zeros in comments and ratings which would just scream fake views to all of your friends and family members that you show the video to. Not only that, but it could raise red flags with YouTube as well.The choice is really a no-brainer. If you want quality views for your videos than retention views are the way to go!

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